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40 feet up and what do I think about?

November 9, 2011

Imagine yourself 40 feet up in the air on a platform that looks like the size of a postage stamp, think about how hard the ground could feel and you may understand why I had the most amazing experience; what it really takes to face your fear and conquer it.

Working with like minded individuals that were willing to go the distance meant that we challenged not only ourselves, but worked as a team and faced our fears together. I think my CEO may have a nice memory of me holding on for dear life waiting for the next person to come up thinking: “I’m sure I love Blue Sky for something”. That’s something that we will share together knowing that it happened 40 feet up on a postage stamp size platform. See picture for the full effect!

Inspire - 40ft Up - Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Blue Sky recently got together for one of our unique Inspire events designed to take us out of the office and our comfort zones and take business into the creative and inspiring environment. I have truly walked away with new ideas after conquering what I believed to be fears. This experience has definitely shown to me that taking the time out to review where we are, who we are and what we can do to change is an essential part of any business and its model.

Understanding your staff, their wants, needs, (fears), motivations, drivers and general well being helps drive a company forward. Reviewing not only the current but the future and past helps to resolve any barriers that could help drive consistent innovation and creativity at every level.

By all means review the many photos and videos of the team, especially the one with all the girls on the platform and you may understand my meaning. I’m sure we can all take something away from this experience.

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Ben Wardell - Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Finding Inspiration in a Coca Cola bottle!

August 11, 2011

As someone who takes a keen interest in design and marketing, I felt the need to tell you about the fun and deeply inspiring day that I had at Marketing Week Live this year.

With a significant 26% increase in visitors’ attendance compared to last year, Marketing Week Live secured its place as the UK premier marketing show and I have to say I was very impressed from the moment I walked in.

With lots of variety and a great mix of stage presentations and stands from large companies such as Google, Santander, La Senza and Diageo to small start-ups, the Great Hall at Olympia was well and truly buzzing and I can’t wait to start putting some of the things that I saw into practice within my work at Blue Sky.

Marketing Week Live 2011

Made up of 4 different shows; Online Marketing Show, Data Marketing Show, In-store Show and Insight Show, there was certainly something for everyone but I think the highlight of the show for me was the Augmented Reality and 3D Holographic Illusion displays. Created by a company called RealFiction, it has been declared as being the next big thing in product demonstrations and architecture. Check out this video of a Coca Cola bottle really coming to life!


Katherine Marsh - Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Inspire – The Way of the Panda

July 28, 2011

Imagine a beautiful sunny day with the company setting out for their mystery hike, blindfolded and bundled into the back of a mini van. If we hadn’t seen them all go off so peacefully we would have thought they were being kidnapped. But no, their fate involved a map, a compass and a lot of walking.

However, not us! Physically impaired yet still inspired, unable to take part in the outbound antics due to a variety of injuries, the (special) team were empowered to choose how they spent their afternoon. After some serious consideration there was a clear winner…Kung Fu Panda in 3D at the Odeon, Guildford.

Simon, Charlie & Yvette Inspire Themselves

Two of our values – connection and progressive – formed the theme of the day. We lived these to the full, connecting via hot dogs, wearing each others’ popcorn and Simon made progress as he had never experienced life in 3D. With the help of Kung Fu Panda we reflected and recognise that inner peace and choosing who you are, right now and in the moment is a key lesson.

We ended our day connected, inspired and a bit sticky (from the popcorn)!

Simon, Yvette & Charlie@Bluesky

Simon, Charlie & Yvette - Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Feel the love and blindfold your staff

July 25, 2011

As a CEO and highly trained chartered accountant with a passion for numbers and ROI I have a major confession to make – I absolutely love my role in developing the Blue Sky culture.

Yes it’s the soft fluffy stuff that’s my joint passion and I challenge every leader to truly embrace it. We preach engagement to our clients, we extol the virtues of driving performance and for me as a CEO it’s my role to lead on it and make sure it truly happens.

Inspire - Blindfolded on a bus to nowhere

Like all organisations we have core values and I try hard to make sure they’re not simply fancy words on a poster but we are living them and breathing them and holding ourselves accountable to each other when we’re not. A great example of making sure we embed them is our Inspire events. Every four months all our staff spend two solid days together and the agenda is simple – take time out to reflect on and live our values. We host many different sessions so for example at our June event we held a brainstorm around updating our approach to social media to demonstrate our value around Progress.  Another value core to us is Being Authentic and a workshop around creating an open feedback culture was well received by staff and is something we are always striving to create. Then there was the fun bit! Connection is another one of our values and this time that meant blindfolding all our staff, putting them in a mini bus and abandoning them in various locations in the Sussex countryside (yes now and again a leader’s role definitely means you can be fiendish!) and make them find their way back to our secret location.  Four hours later some felt more connected than others!

So what do you do to lead the culture of your business and do your staff see you at the heart of it?

Go on, embrace the fluffy side. You might just enjoy it!


Marc Jantzen - Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Talking sales – Our recent Sales Breakfast at The Gherkin

June 1, 2011
Picture of the very top of The Gherkin, London looking out on a blue sky

The view of the very top of The Gherkin, London

The sun shone across London on the 12th May, giving us beautiful blue skies for our Changing Face of Sales breakfast at The Gherkin. Whilst taking in the magnificent view we were joined by 11 senior sales leaders, along with Marc Jantzen our CEO and Robin Mar our Client Services Director to thrash out the current issues in sales creating an enthralling debate.


Marc Jantzen CEO & Robin Mar Client Service Director

12th May Sales Breakfast at The Gherkin - Robin Mar & Marc Jantzen

Some of the key issues that arose from our guests included how do you get the right balance in cross selling services and products in particular within a highly regulated environment, how do you up skill sales people to move them from a traditional focus of selling ‘product’ to creating longer term ‘value’ with customers and how to offer a seamless multi-channel sales process for ever demanding customers.

The view of London Bridge and Tower Bridge

A view from the table

Wrapping up the morning with the promise that the debate will be continued we have created a ‘LinkedIn’ group called ‘Future of Sales’ for guests of our past and future sales breakfasts to join to keep up to date with the issues arising from the debates. We will be running this breakfast again in October so please email me at if you are interested in join us.



Eve Brockwell - Events Manager - Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Blue Sky Performance Improvement Logo - High Resolution

Technology For Marketing & Advertising 2011

March 7, 2011

Hi All,

Its been a busy start to 2011, the first couple of months seemed to have flown by. Now that 2011 is in full swing the first major marketing expo of my calender as recently taken place.

The Technology for Marketing and Advertising 2011 Expo has recently taken place (1st & 2nd March 2011) at Earls Court 2, London. If you managed to make it then im sure you dont need to read any further when I say that yet again a superb expo for those in the industry or not. The key note speaker selection was great with the likes of ebay, Google and Facebook gracing the stage with an insightful outlook on the future.

The quality and presentation of marketing content focussed on an increasingly more digital channel provided by organisations across digital, design, data and advertising which offered great direction on where to invest for the next 12 months. I  thought the setup was great with more and more attendee’s getting creative with their stands and displays – I took some pics to share

Technology For Marketing & Advertising 2011 Photo's

I particularly enjoyed doing a round of speed networking (I’m sure you get the idea) which has yealded some great connections. All in all a great event in the marketing calender which I look forward to next year, Internet World ( next for all the ‘Techies’ out there.

For more info check out the website



A positively charming photo of myself if I do say so - Ben

Blue Sky Performance Improvement