Do you listen to interrupt or listen to understand?


Firstly watch this video

How many of you have had conversations with people and you are not truly engaged? You’re hearing the words but are not truly engaged or connected with that person. A bit like the video; we were so focused on counting the number of passes we did not even notice the gorilla walk on the screen. I wonder how frequently that happens with people you engage with. They are there but do we really notice? Do we miss out on opportunities to connect and engage with them? Are we really present in the moment with them…ready to really listen?

Listen - Blue Sky Performance Improvement

We all understand the benefits of listening to people, it builds rapport, it shows we are interested in them and it shows we value what they have to say. On the flip side how do you feel when you are not listened to…think about how many times today you had a conversation with someone, maybe your children, when you were not totally present in the moment with that person and truly listening to them. What did you miss…did a Gorilla walk by? As individuals we hear sounds all of the time.  Our ears are constantly battered by noise, from the alarm clock in the morning to the ‘noise’ of silence just before we go to sleep. We’re not always consciously aware of what we hear; the sounds are simply there.  However, hearing is not listening. Listening is seeking to understand before being understood.

What type of listening will you be doing tomorrow? What difference will that make to the people you meet?


Sean Spugin - Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Blue Sky Performance Improvement


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5 Responses to “Do you listen to interrupt or listen to understand?”

  1. Kev Urwin-Barclays Wealth Says:

    Hi Sean. Fantastic video, what a good pick up from the thousands that must be out there. Thanks also for the short sharp commentary. I am currently working with my functional teams on the “Fish” philosophy and one of the principles is known as “Be There-be fully present for one another”. If I were to add your great quote “Listening is seeking to understand before being understood” then I think I have something a little more rounded and ready for the next steps. Thanks again, I hope you don’t mind me pinching a little of your wisdom.

  2. seanatbluesky Says:

    Hi Kev

    I am glad you found it interesting, it is all about sharing! If you need any other ideas drop me a mail

  3. Jane Charlton Says:

    you guys are so cool !

  4. Eugene Taylor Says:

    Yep a great video…hope you and the BSky guys are well Sean…Eugene

  5. seanatbluesky Says:

    Hi Eugene

    I am great thanks, glad you liked the video! How are things with you guys?

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