Baby, it’s cold outside!


Baby, it’s cold outside.  Winter officially starts on 21st December.  Now with news about the recession and many of us struggling with dark mornings and nights, it may well feel as if winter’s here already.  But even if it is, it’s a still a time of opportunity if we think about what gardeners might have to teach us…

The wise gardeners among us will be starting to prune their plants soon, cutting back hard into the old growth so as to make room for new growth in the Spring.  For us office-bound people, this is a great opportunity to go through our files, drawers and emails and get shot of the paperwork and emails that we no longer need.  Is there anyone who wouldn’t feel better after a good sort-out?

My dad recently planted up some daffodil bulbs and gave them to me as a gift.  And thinking of those bulbs germinating all winter beneath the earth I also wondered what ideas and suggestions I wanted to plant in colleagues’ mind , what outcomes might I want to influence, what plans I might want to hatch that might incubate and bear fruit in due course.  Plant some ideas now and watch them grow.

And consider the staying indoors -as it’s too cold to go out mindset as a great opportunity to plan and design next year’s wonderful garden.  Allow yourself to dream and create a vision for how you want next year to be.  Give some thought to what’s gone really well this year, and not so well.  Identify what you’d like to be different next year.

With this, plus some woolly mitts, it’ll be a lovely winter…


Helena Clayton - Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Blue Sky Performance Improvement


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