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Are you stuck for a good book to buy this Christmas? Here are our suggestions – a random selection of fiction and business that has inspired and entertained us – hopefully something for everyone:

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  1. “I really enjoyed ‘Onward’ – the story of Starbucks’ drive to reinvent themselves” – Colin Stebbing, Principal Consultant
  2. “I know it should be a best selling marketing book but it would have to be Catch 22, Joseph Heller, I read it with my daughter again and forgot how amazing and funny and twisted it is.” – Briege Kearney, Director of Marketing
  3. “Who moved my Blackberry – Lucy Kellaway. It may be old but hilarious. A great easy read that is written in email format through conversation – a definite recommendation!” – Sam Schuchter, Key Account Project Manager
  4. “The Biology Of Belief – Bruce Lipton. Gives some really interesting thoughts around the link between mind and body the effects it has on our personal life and our collective lives as a species. I found it very useful when challenging culture and individual behaviour” – Guy Bloom, Principal Consultant
  5. “The Alchemist by Paul Choello. It’s actually the second time I’ve read it.  The first time it changed the way I looked at the world.  The second time it reminded me to look again.  It’s really absorbing and inspiring.” – Charlie Darling, Performance Improvement Partner
  6. “The Naked Trader – Robbie’s Trading Diary – Robbie Burns.” – Adam Archer
  7. “Great House by Nicole Krauss – an absolutely brilliant piece of fiction about a number of Jewish people living disconnected lives but all connected in some unconscious way. A really absorbing thought provoking read.” Elke Anderson, Director of Executive Coaching
  8. “Logo Design Love – a guide to creating iconic brand identities – David Airey” Katherine Marsh, Sales Support Executive
  9. “Value Merchants. Written by three Ivy League university professors, this is essential reading for any sales leader who wants to transform their sales force from information providers into value creators.  It is not a page-turner, in the nicest possible sense.  Block out some time to get serious and dive into the valuable real-world insights and case studies.” – Andy Moorhouse, Principal Consultant
  10. “A Prisoner of Birth – Jeffrey Archer” – Lynn Van Rensburg, Performance Improvement Partner
  11. “Michael MacIntyre – it was funny and open – I love real life stories.” – Sandie Crawford, Assistant Financial Controller
  12. “For pleasure – Naive Super by Erlund Loe – a little gem of a novel, beautifully simple, slightly strange and a story that I suspect many people can relate to about a young man searching for some meaning in his life. For more pleasure and enlightenment – Get Some Headspace by Andy Puddicombe – having tried a number of times to create space and discipline in my life to meditate I found this book quite an inspiration. Written by an ex Buddhist monk this is full of stories and anecdotes, many from his own life that are in parts funny, sad and enlightening.  He explores the reasons, mindset and approach to meditation as well as the actual process.” – Robin Mar, Director of B2B Sales
  13. “One Summer’s Grace by Libby Purves – the story of a couple who sailed around Britain in 3 months. Libby Purves brings to life the rhythm of life on a boat and working with the elements in a way that makes you really think you were there.” Amy Rashbrooke, Marketing Campaign Manager
  14. “One of my favourite reads of this year was True North, by Bill George. A truly inspirational leadership book that explores leadership of self and others. Some key elements included in the book are:
    • Leadership is about what makes you different; there is no perfect model of a leader. You can use authentic leadership to become a market leading organisation; it’s about high performance, not about being ‘nice’ for the sake of it.
    • Stop trying to act like a leader; think ‘leadership’ not ‘leader’
    • There are five dimensions of authentic leadership: Purpose; Practising solid values; Heart; Relationships; Self-discipline.
    • Engage people’s hearts and minds behind the organisation’s purpose, rather than behind an individual leader.

    I would recommend it as must read to all levels of leaders. His follow up book, Great by Choice is another must read!” – Sean Spurgin, Principal Consultant

  15. “The people next door – Christopher Ransom. Great read, not christmassy at all, a little dark to be honest, however great plot, superb characters and an awesome twist!” – Lewis Young, Client Services Coordinator

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