12 days of Christmas


We asked the team at Blue Sky “what is the one great thing you would like to do over the festive period?” The results below show a variety of responses – from the thoughtful and caring to the downright frivolous. We hope they give you some ideas for how to spend your holidays. Merry Christmas!

Celebrate - 12 Days of Christmas - Blue Sky Performance Improvement

  1.  “Visit the Christmas markets on the South Bank – the atmosphere is amazing and there is the whole of London, beautifully decorated and lit for you to explore afterwards” – Charlie Darling, Performance Improvement Partner
  2.  “Watching my little Nephew destroy the wrapping on his first proper Christmas presents foloewed by enjoying a day for food, drink and games with the family” – Ben Wardell, Online Marketing Executive
  3.  “I’m going to see my 83 year old neighbour Jean, drink too much wine with her and enjoy an evening of great conversation and amazing stories about her life”– Robin Mar, Director of B2B Sales
  4.  “My ideal day would include spending the day in the spa at the Intercontinental Hotel in Berchtesgaden in Bavaria, followed by dinner in their Michelin starred restaurant and an evening walk down in to town to soak up the atmosphere there.” – Colin Stebbing, Principal Consultant
  5.  “I would love to get all my family together. We are a big family and sadly are now spread all over the world and we never get to see each other all under one roof. So – everyone together (28 of us) and to have a Christmas day like when we were kids…A fantastic lunch, lots of wine, chocolate, laughter, present unwrapping, more laughter and it goes on in to the evening…drunknness, games etc.. To forget about all the rubbish going on in the outside world and to focus on what we have and how lucky we are to be part of such a great family who get along so well…” – Sam Schuchter, Key Account Project Manager
  6.  “I am off to Australia to visit friends and family and get some much needed sunshine!”– Laura Crawford, Manager, Coaching Services
  7.  “If I can, I will be going to the Winchester Christmas Wonderland with my friends where there is an ice rink, Christmas market stalls and food and drink stalls.” – Katherine Marsh, Sales Support Executive
  8.  “I’ll be getting a group of people to go on a very long walk and end up in a lovely cosy pub for a late lunch with lots of red wine.”– Elke Anderson, Director of Executive Coaching
  9.  “We’ll be doing the normal family stuff – Santa, walks in snow with family, naked snow angels… just the usual..!” – Andy Moorhouse, Principal Consultant
  10.  “If I could do one thing this Christmas, it would be ice skating at Somerset House and drinking mulled wine while walking through London – Camden especially” –Lynn Van Rensburg, Performance Improvement Partner
  11.  “Christmas is about two things for me; celebrating the birth of Christ and spending time with the family. So if I had to say one great thing do over Christmas, it would be spending truly connected, in the moment, time with my family.  The joy of giving defiantly outweighs the joy of receiving!”– Sean Spurgin, Principal Consultant
  12.  “I’ll be going skiing. I love it. My year never feels complete without a winter ski trip. So we’re going to Morzine, Portes du Soleil for the amazing views, great skiing and awesome bars. Then I’ll be watching ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ – a great Christmas film! – Lewis Young, Client Services Coordinator

What will you be doing for yours? we’d love to hear

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Blue Sky Performance Improvement


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