40 feet up and what do I think about?


Imagine yourself 40 feet up in the air on a platform that looks like the size of a postage stamp, think about how hard the ground could feel and you may understand why I had the most amazing experience; what it really takes to face your fear and conquer it.

Working with like minded individuals that were willing to go the distance meant that we challenged not only ourselves, but worked as a team and faced our fears together. I think my CEO may have a nice memory of me holding on for dear life waiting for the next person to come up thinking: “I’m sure I love Blue Sky for something”. That’s something that we will share together knowing that it happened 40 feet up on a postage stamp size platform. See picture for the full effect!

Inspire - 40ft Up - Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Blue Sky recently got together for one of our unique Inspire events designed to take us out of the office and our comfort zones and take business into the creative and inspiring environment. I have truly walked away with new ideas after conquering what I believed to be fears. This experience has definitely shown to me that taking the time out to review where we are, who we are and what we can do to change is an essential part of any business and its model.

Understanding your staff, their wants, needs, (fears), motivations, drivers and general well being helps drive a company forward. Reviewing not only the current but the future and past helps to resolve any barriers that could help drive consistent innovation and creativity at every level.

By all means review the many photos and videos of the team, especially the one with all the girls on the platform and you may understand my meaning. I’m sure we can all take something away from this experience.

Facebook - Bluesky People - Blue Sky Performance Improvement   Flickr - Bluesky People - Blue Sky Performance Improvement


Ben Wardell - Blue Sky Performance Improvement


Blue Sky Performance Improvement


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