Vietnamese Puzzle lamps


YouTube is a multi-faceted platform that offers so much more than just funnies to keep the social cogs turning in the office. Did you know that it is actually the second largest and most used search engine in the world (Socialnomics – Erik Qualman)? It’s full of tutorials, learning tools, educational videos and lectures just waiting to be viewed.

Have you ever been stuck for an answer or needed to visualize something? How many times has an instruction manual failed to deliver? All it takes is one click and millions of tutorials appear covering pretty much any topic.

My love affair with YouTube tutorials started around five months ago. My partner bought home a 30-piece jigsaw lamp from Vietnam, after an hour or so trying to decipher the manual (obviously photocopied from an original!!) I gave up and went to YouTube for inspiration. After finding the perfect video manual and a further hour of hard labour I had the lamp completed and ready to go. Now whenever I’m stuck, YouTube provides the answer in so many different forms.

Social Media - Lewis Young - Its all in the visual - Blue Sky Performance Improvement

As video becomes more and more important in business, as a learning tool it’s pivotal to providing quality content and inspiration to both new and current customers. Being able to visualise and learn is such a strong concept, it’s a platform that needs to be harnessed as you drive your business forward.

As a free source of self-promotion and knowledge transfer on a global scale, what’s stopping you? check out our channel and see how easy it is.


Lewis Young - Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Blue Sky Performance Improvement


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