When it comes to service the USA are the real ‘Superpower’


Having recently returned from a trip to the States, it was incredibly obvious to me that the service culture in the US is light-years ahead of the UK – whilst years ago I used to laugh about the ‘have a nice day’ and ‘great to see you today’ type comments that could have been interpreted as false or patronising, I have to admit that this year I found it refreshing to hear positive, friendly statements from almost without exception, every service individual that I met.

Customer Experience - Amercian Flag (Courtesy of http://www.us-flag.net) - Bluesky Performance Improvement

Smiling faces, offers of help, care and attention to my children and always a ‘peak ending’ to make me feel good was a lovely way to do business! Looking at the recent ICS survey results and seeing that in the UK we have moved forward by 1 point – with public sector and utilities lagging well behind the rest, it occurred to me that our attitude to service is completely different.

How do we engage people at all levels in service roles to ‘want’ to make a difference to their customer, not because we are asking them to and not because they have to – but to actually feel good about being nice to customers? Can you imagine a world where your local council tell you to ‘have a magical day’! or who always offer solutions instead of re-visiting the process and why it has to be this way!, well I do believe this paradigm shift can be achieved…….but can it be done before my next holiday…?


Lindsay Terris - Blue Sky Performance Improvement


Blue Sky Performance Improvement


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