Making the switch


I have worked for Blue Sky for 11 years, in lots of different roles and I love it.

Blue Sky is a company that embraces flexible working and over the last few years I have worked from home maybe once a week, particularly when I’ve needed to get my head down and meet a deadline without crashing into it.

I am lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to fulfil a lifelong dream and move to the Dorset Coast, which means I will be mainly remote working and, to be honest, it’s a bit weird.

What I love about remote working:

  • Being able to go for a morning swim at a civilised time, have my breakfast in the garden and STILL be online and working by 8:30am.
  • Being able to really focus on something without interruption or distraction (as I write this I can hear my office based colleagues hooting with laughter, as I am usually the one doing the distracting!).
  • Having time and space to think.
  • Being able to pop out on my bike for half an hour at lunchtime to have a quick coffee with a friend.
  • Knowing I’m just 2 miles from the sea, even on the day’s I’m too busy to make the most of it.

What I don’t love about it:

  • Not hearing about everyone’s evening / weekend.
  • Not having someone opposite me that I can bounce ideas off.
  • Not being able to go to lunch and catch up on all the fabulous drama of other people’s lives.
  • Not hearing the stories, experiences, triumphs first hand.

Basically, I don’t love not being with my team!

Probably my favourite Blue Sky value is ‘Connected’, so, on the one or two days a week I make it into the office I intend to really make the most of it… you have been warned!


Charlie Darling - Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Blue Sky Performance Improvement


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