Cat’s Everywhere!!


Business spend millions raising awareness of brands…more and more businesses are tapping into the emotional reasons why customers buy products, companies who understand this do not just focus on transactional relationships with customers they aim to create an experience for each customer.  We are all customers… Everyday we purchase products and we form beliefs and opinions about a product or brand. It’s in our nature to share these experiences with people we know or meet. In the light of the social media revolution we are now connected to more people and we share our experiences across a wider social group. We have huge amounts of information on line that can help us inform our buying decision.

IKEA Cat's - Cat's Everywhere!!

With this in mind it is vital business provide customers not just with great service, but also an exceptional experience on every transaction that they will remember and share with the people they meet. Regardless of whether the customer buys, they need to leave with a positive impression of a brand,  an impression that triggers something in them next time they think of buying a product or when a friend asks ‘who would you use when buying …..?’ Watch this video and consider what message Ikea are sending their customers….what would does this mean for your business?


Sean Spugin - Blue Sky Performance Improvement

Blue Sky Performance Improvement


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