Features & benefits – who’s the real winner?


Features and benefits are the cornerstone of selling. All products and services have features but the features on their own won’t make the potential customer want to go ahead as people need to see what’s in it for them – and that’s what benefits demonstrate. Advantages are potential benefits, but they don’t become benefits until we link them personally to the customer.

Features & Benefits - Who's the real winner?

Great sales people focus their questioning on establishing what the customer needs, really getting under the skin of ‘why’ a customer buys a product and uses this information to present the benefits of a product to the customer linking to what the product will do for that customer on a personal level. When this level of tailored selling is achieved it has a massive impact on customer experience as well as sales results….when it goes wrong it can have the adverse effect, have a look at this video and see the impact of getting it wrong


Sean Spugin - Blue Sky Performance Improvement


Blue Sky Performance Improvement


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