Technology For Marketing & Advertising 2011


Hi All,

Its been a busy start to 2011, the first couple of months seemed to have flown by. Now that 2011 is in full swing the first major marketing expo of my calender as recently taken place.

The Technology for Marketing and Advertising 2011 Expo has recently taken place (1st & 2nd March 2011) at Earls Court 2, London. If you managed to make it then im sure you dont need to read any further when I say that yet again a superb expo for those in the industry or not. The key note speaker selection was great with the likes of ebay, Google and Facebook gracing the stage with an insightful outlook on the future.

The quality and presentation of marketing content focussed on an increasingly more digital channel provided by organisations across digital, design, data and advertising which offered great direction on where to invest for the next 12 months. I  thought the setup was great with more and more attendee’s getting creative with their stands and displays – I took some pics to share

Technology For Marketing & Advertising 2011 Photo's

I particularly enjoyed doing a round of speed networking (I’m sure you get the idea) which has yealded some great connections. All in all a great event in the marketing calender which I look forward to next year, Internet World ( next for all the ‘Techies’ out there.

For more info check out the website



A positively charming photo of myself if I do say so - Ben

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